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I have been thinking of liquidating and going full time for several years, and have an opportunity to rent a 25' RV for ten days for next to nothing, spur of the moment, and think it might help me with my decisions. I'm in phoenix and sitting here thinking ok, where do I go? Do I need to reserve camping space somewhere or just take off? I'm solo.

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Head up to Flagstaff on 17 for a starting point, several good RV parks in the area that should have open spaces, Google up some reviews and use the map satellite and street views to pick one you'll like. Cottonwood and Camp Verde will be a bit warmer this time of year so the extra drive is worth it.


On the way back check out Mormon Lake and Happy Jack along Lake Mary road south-east of Flagstaff. That will get you to route 87 that will take you past several other good campgrounds and back into the north-east corner of Phoenix metro area. High and cool is good this time of year.


With only 10 days avoid the usual "drive 1,000 miles and see everything for two minutes" syndrome that hits so many new RVers!

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Good advice! I'm not sure exactly where I would go in those 10 days, I suppose that it would depend upon what you enjoy doing and where you may not have been and wish to spend some time. To test the fulltime lifestyle you should plan to travel no more than 300 miles in one day and I would also plan to sit without travel every other day at the least. I would also build into the plan at least a couple of days that are extra so that you can stay a second or third day at one of the places that you choose to go. Depending upon how large the potable water and waste tanks are, as well as the condition of the battery in the RV, you might also want to try a few nights of dry camping (no hookups) either in a parking lot or perhaps in the boondocks somewhere off the beaten path. You don't say what sort of RV that 25' rig is so I'll guess it is a class C, but it could also be a travel trailer. The type of RV plays to what I'd suggest since a travel trailer you have a vehicle to drive while the RV remains parked, but with a class C you would not.


Whatever the RV is, if you have no previous RV experience, you by all means should take advantage of this generous offer and at least have a few nights of RV living before you make the commitment to the life change.

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