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Silence is Deafening

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We had a big thunderstorm blow through a couple of hours ago. That didn't wake me up at all, but the silence when the power went off did. I got up and turned off both a/c's and water heater and laid back down. About an hour and a half later I heard the transfer switch "thunk" and got up and turned things back on.


And now with a cup in hand and the internet up, Life is Back to Normal.

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This is our first trip in 10 years of RV'ing where we've had lots of 'opportunities' to be in Thunderstorms:)! From a close to Bismarck, ND microcell induced almost mini tornado, hail, and winds so strong that they knocked down over 100 trees in the immediate area - the seeming daily Thunderstorm Warnings and a few Tornado Warnings too in and around the Black Hills area. On to Glacier National Park, West Glaciers Apgar campground listening show. Now in Canada, and the thunderstorms continue. Hail the size of golf balls within 5 miles of us, and just under marble size where we were near Waterton Lakes region.


And night before last, now in Banff NP Village 1, we had several hours of overhead lightening. Into the town of Banff yesterday for some shopping, and stop for a quick bite - the restaurant we'd planned to eat in was closed due to a lightening strike of that building from the previous nights storms.


When we know that heavy lightning is in the region, I do unplug form power. Not a problem here in Banff Village 1, as it is boon docking without the benefit of open views. (Still nice, but the multiple loops usually have you with neighbors on each side, and behind you too, unless you are on the outside loop sites.)


Yes to having a less expensive sacrificial Power/Surge protector:)!


And do understand the comment about the silence of no power...


Best to all,


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