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Rear air bag damage


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Due to a faulty leveling valve my rear air bags (not singled) went to full height. Had to run dumped for a while due to excessive driveline vibration or should I say growling.

Now I have a very slow leak I. The rear suspension, about 1" per day of suspension drop while sitting. I shaped all connections and the bags as well as I could but don't find leak. Should I worry about this? Unloaded my bags are at 12 psi based on what the truck says. My trailer pin weight might be 3000lbs.

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The air bags are fairly easy to replace. For $450 or so you should be able to source a set (2 pair) and replace them.

One issue to look for before buying new bags though-

If the leveling valve has been replaced, did the hose ends get trimmed before being connected to the new valve? The push lock fittings will wear a groove in the tubing. The tubing didn't leak in the old valve fittings because everything was new together and wore together.

Remove each line and trim 1/4 to 1/2" off and reinsert into the valve.

This fixes most airline leaks.

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Have you looked at cab leveling valve. Typically, these start to leak around the shaft. Also, air ride seats can be a source of leaks. When there seems to be nothing leaking in the brake and leveling system, look inside. Have even had a leak behind the dash in the air lines to control and sensors.

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OCD is a terrible symptom, but with old age wisdom, less energy and finally comprehending what is truly important in one's waning years of existence, I have it under control.

My (old) truck leaks, they all leak, if mine leaked 1 inch per day, I would sing Halleluyah

The only 100% cure with old lines and push-ons is to replace the lines and push-ons, a sure fire treatment for OCD too. The next best option is to replace the push-ons with DOT brass fittings with ferrules, you can crank them on hard enough to stop any leak regardless how old, stiff and dirty the line is.

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