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Battery Watering System


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Hi Patrick, I converted my one 12 volt battery to four 6 volt golf batteries. Of course it took up a bit more room so I installed them in a basement next to where the 12 volt was. I wanted to be able to get to them so I built a tray that slides out which raised them up quite a bit and even with the sliding tray they were pretty hard to get to. About three years ago I saw a guy at a campground using the Pro-Fill RV Battery Watering System and got the info from him. I put them in and found that was one of the smart moves I have made. They make watering your batteries so much easier and neater. Also you will know they have the right about of water in them. Worth the money? You betcha


I agree with Roger

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I have 8 six volt lead acid batteries in my 5er. I use the pro-fill system and would not be without it. It is the simplest and most efficient way of keeping a battery bank properly watered. Once a month I pull out my gallon jug of distilled water, place the fill tube in the jug and connect it to the system, then squeeze the fill ball until it is hard. That is it and the batteries are properly watered.

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I only have 2 6V house batteries. Both are very hard to see where the water level is at in them.

I put the Pro fill on them several years ago and love it.


Every 45 days it takes me about 5-8 minutes to get the distilled water and the fill hose with bulb out to fill the batteries and put everything back in storage again.


The old way took a flashlight and the screwing the caps off and putting my head in a awkward position to see in the fill holes. Then using a 5 oz paper cup to put the water in them and then screwing the caps back on and that time was probably around 20-25 minutes to get done.


Did I say I love the Pro Fill?

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We used the Pro-Fill when we had batteries that needed to be watered and it was a godsend since the rear battery was almost impossible to get to (required a mirror to see the level of the water). We now use AGM batteries so don't need the system anymore.

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Our bounder had non slide out battery bay for two 6V footprint. Due to headroom constraints, I was limited to the T125, though I would have gone with T145 if they would have fit:)! and not wanting to pull out the batteries manually every few months to add water, I went with the Pro-Fill - do not know if I would have gone with the taller T-125's without the Pro-Fill, as with the T-105's I could snake a hose into the back battery cells to fill...


Very pleased with the Pro-Fill. I also feel I did the right thing, as when I went to buy the T-125's I asked them what kind of package they could give me if I added the Pro-Fill watering system. All together, this business in Lakeside, CA - gave me I feel a pretty good discount. (To their credit, the quote they gave me for the T-125's over the phone, was actually the cost of the T-105. When I went to the shop to pick them up, they honored the T-105 prices (The lowest I had found in the area.) for the T-125's. And the gent said 'We're taking a bath on these two batteries, so why not knock of 20% on the Pro-Fill for you too'. I was happy all the way around:)!


Best to all,


Be safe, have fun,


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I Have a watering system on in my RV. Four Trojans. The whole system will be replaced in a couple of weeks with a Lithium setup. If anyone wants it, PM me. You pay shipping.


P/M sent.

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