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It is time to trade my 5W

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Our 5W CR29CK from Crossroads is 10 years old we love it but it is time to trade,need your first hand help
Our RV life style:
Traveling each summer for 5 months,the rest of the time it is stored.
Would like:
30-33 feet long
Central kitchen with large counter space
2-3 slides
50 Amps
2 A/C
Rear Cap (something like the front one)
Disk breaks (If not will be added later)
Will be pulled by 6LT F-350
Thank you

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About all 5er manufacturers have a Web site that will have floor plans, how built, pictures, etc. of what you may want.

Also a lot of local 5er dealers near you will have the same.


Let your fingers on your PC do the walking. :)


After you find out from a dealer what they will give for your 10 year old 5er as a trade in. You may change your mind on a trade.:(

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