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Rented for the season - RV Port for rent

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FOR RENT: RV port/no executive suite, located at TGO (The Great Outdoors Titusville, FL.) Pad is 20' W X 40' L X 13' H, with a 30" overhang. Space to park 2 additional vehicles all on concrete. Enjoy entertaining under a roof without having to worry about the heat or inclement weather. Protect your RV from the hot sun.

12 miles from Kennedy Space Center

31 miles from Orlando

12 miles from the National Sea Shores (great beaches)

16 miles from Disney Cruise Line, Port Canaveral, FL

Enjoy all the amenities as owners. (See below)

TGO has initiated a new policy that you can only rent from them for 1 month at a time and not for the entire season.

Private owners can rent their lots for the entire season.


Basic cable included through Bright House Networks ( you will need to go to their office and obtain a decoder box)


Lot is available from 1 November 2016 thru 31 January 2017.

$1200.00 per month plus 11.5% county and state taxes and electric






Map of park




Rules and regulations:






(859) 361-1109

(859) 494-6185


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Motorcycles may not be operated inside the resort. :(


Does it have the MH 10 year rule?


Their rental program is $1,449.50 month including taxes for a open back in site. Doesn't say if that includes electric or not.

But your enclosed back in site is only $223 a month more including taxes


My roof mounted Trav'ler wouldn't work good on a enclosed site. :(

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Biker56, you are right about the open back in sites, the $1449.50 includes electric. If you rent a port through TGO the total including taxes is $1784.00 a month. No there is no 10 year rule on MH.


True a roof mounted dish will not work well in a port, and they want work well in an open site depending on where you rent, and where that palm tree is.


You are correct that MC can not be operated inside the resort which is fine with me.

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