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Thousand Trails Platinum Membership for Sale $1500

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SOLD Membership in Thousand Trails. Platinum national membership allows you to stay 3 weeks in each park with no days out at zero camping fee per night. Parks are from PA to WA - about 52 parks. Annual dues will be $549 and that's it for the year. Great bargain, especially if you are a full timer or travel several months of the year. We feel we could not have been full timers without this camping membership. It cost us over $6000 but was well worth the money it saved us. We are asking $1500. There would also be a $750 transfer fee paid directly to Thousand Trails.


Thousand Trails has sold many different types of memberships over the years. If you are interested in talking to TT about our membership, we will happily provide you with our membership number so that you can verify the type of our membership. We can be contacted at rwfalf@juno.com. SOLD

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