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Adding Ground Control 3.0 to older 5th wheel


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I am considering adding the aftermarket Lippert Ground Control 3.0 electric jacks to my '07 Pilgrim. Before I start let me get a few things out in the open.


1) I know I can level the unit myself for a few bucks worth of lumber.


2) I know I will never get the 'resale' value out of them. I DON'T CARE. Short of hitting the lottery I have no intention of replacing this unit. We both love the storage and layout and I have yet to find a unit that I would ever be able to afford that I like better.


3) My frame rails are 12" I beams so that shouldn't be a problem.


I am curious if anyone has any experience with using or installing the aftermarket set. I meet the measurements and the weight for the 4 leg system (will still be using the rear stabilizers also). Looks like the install is pretty straightforward and doesn't bother me in the least. (except removing and replacing the front jacks will be a royal pain.). I like doing my own work.


Just curious of anyones thoughts.



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Kirk and Allie&Jim,


I appreciate your response and apologize if my initial post sounded a little snotty. I guess I am too used to some other forums where the first dozen responses would be about the items I listed and how I would never get my money back out of it and I should just buy a new 5er with them already installed so I would have a 12 month warranty.....you know what I mean...lol. I appreciate and respect your answers. I'm just trying to find someone who has installed the system themselves and used it to get some feedback.



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