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Some of you might have seen an earlier post where I showed the digital voltmeter/ammeter I put by the trailer trolley lever. Anyway, on my last trip to western SC I kept an eye on it. I was not very happy about how little amperage the Hayes Controller sent to the trailer brakes normal braking. Normal braking to a stop the Hayes only feed 1.4 amps to the trailer (that was with about 40 psi on the truck gage). If I pull the trailer trolley, it will dump the maximum it can which is about 10.6 amps.


While stopped, when I mash really hard on the brake pedal and put 90 psi on the truck brakes then the Hayes puts out maximum amps to the trailer.


Since the trolley and the truck brakes will make the Hayes put out maximum amperage to the trailer then I assume the air feed to the Hayes is good.


Then I tried turning the knob on the Hayes from full CW to full CCW. The difference it made was a disappointing .3 volts (nothing really noticeable on the amp meter).


I would think the Hayes ought to be sending something more proportional to the trailer. Like 40 psi brake pressure should send 3-5 amps to the trailer. post-27099-0-50000200-1468546226_thumb.jpg

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Anybody ever wonder why the Hayes fell out of favour, originally? When they work, they're ok, but they're a mechanically actuated, analog electrical signal controller. Sell it on Craigslist, and get another one. The time you will lose out of your life isn't worth the effort to fix it.

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X2 for, the direclink. I love it. Truck computer tells it how much to apply. You have a lot of adjustability. With our trucks we have a tendency to adjust it too much until we replace brake pads in one year then we learn to back it odd some.

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NeverEasy Just saying hello! Hope everything is going OK. Are you n town? We spent the weekend up at BethPage> Grandson had a great time but I had a real issue with the 5er and its sitting at East coast Trailer in Portsmouth. Its kept me so busy I haven't posted IRT what happened. I'm going to.Hopefully this weekend. Where is dinner tomorrow night??? I mean tonight! 646-1686. Pat



The Old Sailor

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The Direclink looks enticing but the price will keep me looking. Nuke-E (David) has me thinking about using micro-controllers for everything.


Pat: Friday night is always Dam Neck CPO Club night. We play cards until about 7 P.M. making it too late for me to eat. Let me talk to Deb when she gets up and I will call you.



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Hi Everyone,


Does anyone know what brand of brake controller that Gregg from RV Haulers uses ? I thought it was something different then a Directlink unit. I remember seeing a video where Gregg talks about what brand he uses. But I don't remember what video the info was in.


NeverEasy, Maybe if Gregg uses and different unit then Directlink it could help you out.



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I took my Hayes apart yesterday and reworked it good.


There was a 3/16" gap between the ram and actuation lever which is about half of its travel and caused an audible click every time the brakes were applied. Made a shim to take this up and that solved the delay issue and the lever will actually move the whole distance of the slot now.


Next,it appears that the threaded pivot on the gain knob shift was installed improperly, so I turned it 90° and now it is even more responsive.


Last, I installed a slightly stiffer spring to allow more progressive engagement. As it seemed to go from nothing to too much real fast.


Lubed the pivot and screwed it back together.


Looking forward to hooking up and testing the difference.

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