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Got really lucky!


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Last trip out I was headed to Superior Wi for the Battle of the July 4th borders dirt track race.

I left work a little early and was on the way. Well I made it about 45 minutes for town, hadn't even made it to the border yet and on our really bad Manitoba roads. Had just met a semi and looked in the left had mirror and saw smoke. First thought was his brakes were on fire, then I looked in the right hand mirror and realized it was me that was smoking.


Pulled over really quick and had a look found the rear tire on the passenger side of the 5er was driven into the front tire. Great I was thinking, sat down and had a little temper tantrun thinking the weekend was now over. I looked at my watch and it was almost 5 oclock on Thrusday of the long weekend (Friday was our holiday in Canada). I grabbed my tape measure and measured the spring and called my shop foreman to see if he could grab a spring from the trailer place next door to our shop.

They had parts in stock and he went to get them. I asked him really nice to bring a jack and jack stands and a few more tools. Mean while I wrapped a tow strap around the axle hooked my come along into the frame jacked it up and pulled the axle back in place and limped it off the road to a yard where we could work on it.


Changed back into some work clothes and started taking it apart. By the time I had all the stuff loose my shop forman and one of my technicians showed up. In no time we had the broken leaf spring changed. The guys brought a set for the other side so we changed the drivers side as well.


So from the time I broke down to was back on the road was about an hour and a half and the guys had a 45 minute drive to ge tto me.


Sure was lucky it happened where it did. And that I have great guys working for me.

We continued to Superior for a great weekend.

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Oh yeah my guys are well taken care of.


They do an incredible job of taking care of customers day in and day out.


This is where you would put in a shameless name-drop for your shop (and guys). It's never in bad form to help spread the name of an open door, or a steaming coffee pot.

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Wasn't sure if it was ok to say anything about the shop.


It is Greenvalley Equipment in Morden, Manitoba Canada. We are a John Deere dealership and are always willing to help out whoever we can. Of course we specialize in John Deere stuff. But we can and will fix anything that comes our way. My guys will always do what they can to help anybody out that is in need. They do not know what the word "NO " means, they always find a way to make it work.

I have been fixing stuff and taking care of people for 30 years and if I can do something to help someone it is my pleasure to do so.


So if your ever in the area and have problems or need something,send me a message and I will do what ever I can to help out.

Or if you just want to stop by, the coffee is always on and we welcome everybody!!!

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