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On the original topic, we started at my age 45 and retired from the USAF with a paid for truck and RV.  While we tried our hand at some on the road jobs remember we were full-time 1997-2003 - not much Internet connectivity then save dial-up from the park office, no phones with data we would choose to afford. We are military retired and back then, with cheap diesel and propane, not to mention much cheaper park fees, we were able to continuously travel, and stay two days minimum, to a week or a month wherever/whenever we wanted to explore, or kick back and watch sunsets over the ocean/deserts/mountains/forests/prairies/city or military bases.

Then in late 2003 we bought the Louisiana house and 4.75 acres property I'm in now to sell, since we already moved to Colorado last month. My wife is up there nesting I'm down here mowing and sweating in the heat and humidity until it sells. (It has a 30 Amp Full hook up dirt pad on the side of the workshop (steel building with slab.) I did work for 4.5 years doing steel building sales, IT, and managing my outside salesmen and personal assistant, 2005-2009. The recession was good for our business as folks were making nothing on savings and other investments. So for a couple of years we bought a lot of shares then, since we had a great income with no expenses or debt save utilities and Internet.

We were here to take care of remaining aging parents, I'd hoped to get back on the road but SWMBO said no, so we both agreed to downsize, and get a smaller subdivision home in Colorado. We ski so can dress for cold dry air comfortably and sold our two wheel drive vehicles and bought a new Subaru Forester and a gently used 2006 Subaru Baja Turbo Sport because they stopped making the Baja in 2006.

Our frugality, investments in funds and Tesla stock, and willingness to do sweat equity flipping houses, restoring valuable used vehicles, mostly hot VWs and Porsches, especially the seven VW Westphalia campers I did in the 70s and 80s while active duty, have made us secure for life and death, barring nuclear war or super volcanoes erupting.

There is life after full time RVing! We only full-timed for seven years before we decided to be here for her parents, mine were long gone. We have kept debt free but got raises from SS and military retirement so with no car or house notes or debt we do fine. Had we not made house pay off a priority a few decades ago, and bought two year old give or take used cars at or below wholesale but in great shape allowing us over time to have what we want, where we want, when we want and to travel to Australia, China, Japan, and perhaps Guam for some diving. Ski trips will be local to us next year. And my new pain relievers are legal there!

Life is good, RVing or not. We've no room for our little Scamp fifth wheel at the new place, so it's being advertised for sale too, along with my diesel Ram 2500. I already sold the HHR, and bought our Subarus. Now I have a lot of work to do at the gym to see if I can still, at 67, tone up for some ski fun next fall/winter. I volunteer counseling online elsewhere.

Safe (and prosperous) travels!


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Husband and I are travel writers, freelance journalists and book authors (with publishers Simon & Schuster in the US and Foulsham in the UK). We absolutely love our work, and can work from anywhere, but for the last 15 years we've put in 12-14 hour days, 7 days a week (with exactly 13 vacation days in 15 years!) and we need to hit Reset, so we're ready to make a big change and take to the road for a while. I've just signed another book contract with Simon and Schuster, and have another one going through their editorial process toward a contract, so we're not able to start traveling full-time until 2021.

We've got several book concepts we'll be working on while we travel (not RV related), along with our regular freelance work, and we're currently establishing relationships and organizing more work we can do on the road to transition our business for the year or two we'll be traveling. Very exciting, and a bit daunting at the same time.

Even though we'll still be basically doing what we do now, we really need this change, if only for a year or two. 

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My wife and I write for magazines.  We get about 10 articles (average about $2,500 each) a month between the 2 of us.

We both have a few print on demand books.

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