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Credit Card Problems with Cricket


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I am looking for someone who understands the flow of credit cards so I can rectify a problem if it is correctable from my side.




I have a Cricket phone and went to turn on tethering yesterday. I added the tethering and it would not accept my std. credit card, nor would it accept my secondary. I ended up calling them and the rep had the same problem. Mind you, the first credit card is the one I have on file with them. We finally found a 3rd CC that worked.


The reason for the reject was that the charge needed an address(according to the rep). They had my zip which is fairly normal. I called my cc companies and the transactions that failed were never seen by them. So, in my mind it is on the Cricket side someplace.


Cricket claims it is not them.


Has anyone had this problem? Does anyone understand the flow of credit cards? Is this fixable by me?


I have never encountered a problem like this before. Any help, comments would be appreciated.

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I'm not sure what you mean by "flow" but I can tell you that when you give your credit card information to a merchant, he then puts that information through to the card company via a merchant terminal, which can be either designated equipment, a cash register, computer that then communicates with the credit card service. Credit Cards.Com has a simplified diagram of the process.

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By flow I meant what happens after I give the info to the merchant. I have never encountered this type of problem before and primarily only use one credit card which was rejected by Cricket. I looked at the website and my guess would be the problem is with the "acquirer" based on the flow chart. I didn't realize that there was an "acquirer" in the mix so that has answered my basic question. I guess I will just continue to have hassles with Cricket unless they change there procedures.


I don't see any resolution that I can implement.

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I had this problem with Picacho Peak State Park in Arizona. They ran my usual card and it failed twice. Same solution - another card worked. I called the failed card company & they stated they approved the purchase (both times) but the machine at the park office declined it.

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