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We have a class c 29 foot Winnebago that we're taking out Aug 2016 for a trip from Los Angeles to Alaska. We're going to need a lot of support and encouragement. We're super excited. We have 3 kids with special needs and a goofy dog named Sandy. We have some income but I am looking to some crowdfunding sites to supplement.


Please read our story! bit.ly/autismroadtrip if you'd like to make a donation that would be awesome! But that's not why I'm putting it here.



My kids have autism and my son, in particular, loves maps....so that spurred an interest in travel...so here we are!


Just wanted to say Hi and maybe we'll see each other on the road!




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Have a blast!!!


One of the best resources we found when heading out for our Retirement Victory Tour to Alaska 2014, was this board:




And of course, if you read under the Travel section of this forum, you will find some great info too.


I went back on the RV.Net, and read the previous years Roll Call XXXX. While things change year by year on road conditions, campgrounds, weather and fires - you can pick up quite a bit. We also posted as we all traveled, so others who might be coming a few weeks/months behind you can at least get a fill for what you encountered on your way.


Travel safe, and welcome to forum,


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We have a class c 29 foot Winnebago that we're taking out Aug 2016 for a trip from Los Angeles to Alaska.



I have not made that trip but from reading about lots of people who have, that's VERY late in the year to start. Most appear to go in May. You might want to do more research on timing before you make this commitment.


Linda Sand

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If you're contemplating an Alaska trip think summer. Fireweed bloom is already halfway. When the bloom is at the top the rule is six weeks to first snow.

First purchase is the "Milepost". This large format book/magazine is the road bible for all roads in and to Alaska. We are using the Churches "Alaska Camping" and Days End directory.

You are going to drive about 3000 miles from Seattle to Fairbanks or Anchorage. That doesn't leave anytime for looking at things or side trips. Seasonal businesses shut down by mid September. Normal is mid May to mid September. Some don't open until into June.



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Sooooooooooo.......did you make it t Alaska? We live in Wasilla. If we can be of any help, let me know. I just now saw this post. Don't worry too much about coming at the end of the season. You'll probably hit a lot of rain though. We leave Alaska in November and return in March. I would rather travel the Alcan in the off season (winter) than the summer. Not much traffic and it is well taken care of as trucks run it all winter.

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