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Calling out to fellow HDT folks

Gary Hage

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If I may ask the HDT members and lurkers on this forum to please refer to the thread I started today in the "Workers Wanted" forum titled: Helping to find a replacement Campground Host.


I'm hopeful that maybe one of you may know somebody that is looking for a "long term" assignment working as a Campground Host at a reputable Trailhead and Campground located in central Florida. As stated in the other thread, this is a full salary position for all hours worked, plus a site and utilities provided above and beyond the salary. We need to get this position filled asap as our current assistant will be leaving us. These positions are typically filled by 'word of month" recommendations rather than advertising them. In addition to having a history of the previous host staying 5 - 8 years in their assignments here.


Thanks for any assistance you may be able to provide. My contact information is included in the other thread.

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