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2004 Newmar Dutch Star 40' One Owner, Low Mileage

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How long ago were the tires replaced,or are they the original tires? No mention of tires on the for sale site.

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I notice the NADA average retail is a lot lower than your asking price of $80K.



A buyer can state a asking price, and a buyer can determine if that is what they are willing to pay, or make an offer they fill is reasonable. The seller can then make a decision to accept or counter. It's of course, the art of bargaining:)!


NADA is a guideline, and I feel that sometimes they get it right, and other times they are either high or low. (This based upon my research for about 12 months, and then about 6 months of searching until we found our coach.)


I'll also state my own personal opinion, that I prefer extremely well cared for coaches, over coaches that while appropriate for their age and usage. I was willing to 'pay up' for such a coach. Customizing and upgrading of a coach, an also alter the fair market price vs NADA price.


I'll use my wife and I as example. We pulled up our purchase by about three years, due to the collapse of the economy and many people needing to get out from under boats, RV's, etc. We stayed within our budget range, and got much more coach then we had expected. Due to some very specific 'Must Have's', and not too many coaches available - I feel I paid a 'fair' price for our coach. But, compared to some of the many 'killer rock bottom deals' that I know others were able to get in those days, we were probably $10K to maybe as high as $15K above what would have been an average price for that coach. (Not NADA, as NADA prices were ignored by most during these times. Especially in Southern California, where their was much more supply then their was demand.) We as buyers, were willing to pay this higher amount, because the coach fit our needs. That was our decision.


I have not, and as I'm not looking for a coach won't, evaluated the price of this coach. Too high? Well, that is between the seller and a potential buyer. And I do fill the seller has the right, and is doing nothing wrong, to quote an asking price as high as they want. May never sell, and we see multiple times on this section of the forum where many times seller will 'Price Drop', as needed, to move a coach.


Understand you were probably posting to help potential buyers do their homework, and maybe to let the seller know that NADA reflects a lower price.


I state my comments, only to point out that sometimes a coach is worth more, occasionally much more, then the NADA stand price points.


Best to you, and all,


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Yep. A seller can put any asking price on what they want to sell. RV dealers do it all the time, price a rig $15K to $20K over NADA for a $50K rig.


If a private seller puts a price of $15K over NADA, which this one appears to be, I would think it would help describing the features and conditioning which justify the higher price. If you don't justify, you may just have the rig not getting much interest for 6 months and the dropping the price.


Of course you could get lucky and run across a buyer looking for exactly like what you have for sale. Slim chance, but it is always there.

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