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Small carpet shampooer

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We full-time in our motorhome with two cats and like many cats, they throw up a lot and it is beginning to look like our carpet is multicolored. It's difficult to get one of those large rental shampooers in here so we have decided to buy a carpet shampooer so we can shampoo the small amount of carpet we have. Any suggestions on what kind to buy? Also, we have been told not to use cleaning solution with it but to use water and dishwasher powder. What do you think?.

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It's not terribly small, but we've been really happy with this model. Of course, it doesn't travel with us, but we use it whenever we pass by our storage unit. It has a hose and attachments to get in the small places and do upholstery. I usually skimp on the cleaning solution (more water, less solution) and do a plain water rinse to avoid residue.



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We have 2 cats and use a Bissel Little Green. One of the cats is sick now and I can't imagine being without it. Before we purchased it my DW would try to clean up the mess by hand. It was not effective but this machine will get it clean. I use vinagar water in the machine and spray detergent from a spray bottle as necessary.

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I use about 1/2 cup of vinegar in a tank full of water. I vary it depending on the water. In the Southwest where the water is hard and the PH is high I use more. My method of cleaning cat vomit is to scrape up what I can then spray Awesome on it. Then spray and pickup immediately by pulling the head towards me. This quickly removes the bulk of it without driving it deep into the carpet. Then I spray more detergent and wet it and scrub it. Then pick it up by pulling towards me while spraying. Finally I like to pull the head over the spot without spraying until it has pulled up as much moisture as is possible. I am sure you will come up with your own preferred method. Be careful using regular detergent as it suds a lot. Carpet cleaning solution is preferred but I found Awesome works pretty good.

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Our technique is similar. Pickup the bulk of it. Then we spray with some water and vinegar(this seems to make it more receptive) then some Resolve, wait a few minutes, then use the machine. Sometimes you need to do it twice.

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BTW, cat vomiting is often caused by sensitivity to something in a particular food, feeding crunchies rather than wet canned food or the cat not drinking enough water when fed crunchies. One of our cats has this problem with crunchies of any brand.

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