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Looking for a Class A under 30K

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My wife and I are in our 40's and are looking for a 30-34ft class A under 30k for a 1 yr round the US trip. We would sell it or use it for short trips after. We have rented a C in the past twice for 10 day trips and are looking to take the plunge.I will be working a few hours a day on my online business and plan to boondock 25% and RV parks 75%. Winnys, Fleetwoods, Thor, etc have come to mind..Any advice on an RV that would suit us?


Thank you !!

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We {the wife} picked our 2008 Damon with 21,500 miles and 120 on the gen for 21,500. Tires were two years old and you could not tell the upholstery was sat in. Have put almost 9000 miles on it with no major problems that I could not fix. Looked for about six months but she found on.

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We purchased our 2000 Monaco 36' for less than that when it was 10 years old. 5 years full-time now and very few problems. We did put new tires on right away, but even with that cost we were still under 30K. Look around - there are plenty of nice ones out there in your price range.

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Look on ebay and on the left side, filter the Class A results to max of $25K so you have a $5K repair budget. You'll get a lot of results. Here are some tips from my vast experience buying vehicles on eBay:

1) Stick to the private sellers; they know the history of the vehicle.

2) Ask for the 4-digit date code on the tires.

3) Ask all the regular questions you ask in person. I always get their email or phone number.

4) Try and get the owner on the phone, most of them WILL call you if you send them your number. My first question is, tell me about the history of the vehicle. In most cases, this will lead to a conversation that'll answer all of your questions.

5) Be weary of low mileage coaches! Okay, so yeah, mine is 17 years old with 18K miles, BUT I knew the owner and how the coach was used. Many of the low mileage coaches have been sitting in storage for years, just aired out and charged for sale, and will have a lot of part failures due to lack of use. A well used coach is usually a well maintained coach!

6) If you win the item, take out an ad in the local Craigslist for a mobile mechanic. Spend the $75 to send him out with a list of things to check and document with photographs. I have done this on the last two RVs that I bought to sell and I was very happy with the results.

7) Stay away from coaches that have a bunch of little problems! If the small maintenance issues weren't taken care of, you can bet the big ones weren't either!


Don't be afraid to buy over the Internet. Cross your I's and dot your T's and chances are you'll get a nice unit. Expect to be in the 1995 to 2002 range, price wise. My experience with private sellers is, the more expensive the older coaches are, the better they have been taken care of. A private seller values his coach higher because he knows what he has.

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