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VNL-770 workstation table


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We recently removed the workstation table and related mechanism from our Volvo.


This comprises:

- the table

- raising/lowering mechanism

- latch & release handle

- cables

- wall sockets & trim

- support bulkhead

- fasteners


Looking for $120.00, you must pick up St Louis area, we will not ship.

This is specifically for a Volvo truck, it will not adapt to something else or repurpose for a different vehicle.



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No idea of similarity but I'd guess they did not re-engineer it. Talk to a Volvo parts dealer I guess?

Which part is broken?


The release mechanism/handles are gone. There are cables that I can pull with pliers....

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That's a huge pain, it takes a lot of leverage to pull those cables. At first only one side of ours would release until we tweaked it a bit, readjusted everything then it worked like a charm.

It was a shame to remove it all but it was in the way of the walk through for the motorhome.


There should be a keyhole shaped hole on the table frame towards the front to enable the cable end to pass through. The release lever mounts to this and a screw hole next to it.

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