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Misc. RV Things

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We are doing a clean out and have a selection of random RV things to sell:


Dirt Devil Rug Cleaner(small) $35


Nested Leveling Boards 25", 62", 68", includes holder for truck bed(used for a dual axle 5th wheel) $75 (Pictures below)


15a+30a to 50a Pigtail $35


50a to 30a Pigtail $20


1hp Shop Vac $20


6 Ton Hydraulic Jack $20


Star Lug Wrench $10


Roll-up Card Table $40


Fold-up end table $5


Fantastic Fan Lift Motor $25


We will bring all this with us to Escapade. Unless someone is interested we will not bring the leveling boards. If you are seriously interested in the leveling boards we will bring them to Escapade for you. The leveling boards fitted perfectly in the bed of our truck.





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