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Bedroom Slide Out Problem

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We have a 2003 Gulf Stream Class 'A' DPwith an electric screw gear slide out. When we arrived at the campground last weekend I noticed the bottom of the slide out was out about 1/4 of an inch. when we went to push the slide out it didn't move. We heard the motor whirling but no movement. We manually pushed the slide out and it went out okay. I proceededto remove the closet floor exposng the screw drive mechanism. Once I was able to see the mechanism it looked like everything was moving as it should with the exception of the slide. While hitting the In/Outbutton I noticed that there was an aluminum block that was moving up and down the screwdrive. I am guessing that the aluminum block should be bolted to something somewhere. I have been unable to find what manufacturer the slide mechanismis or a diagram on line to see if my guess is correct. Anyone have any place that might assist.



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I'm not sure, but Gulf Stream has used several different "powergear" drive systems. I have manuals for a couple.. but, unfortunately, not for the screw drive. I think you're right though. On other rigs with screw drives that block should have a fitting on the underside of the slide to attach to. You could always contact Gulf Stream directly to try and get a hold of a manual, but if you have adequate access you might be able to reattach it yourself.


A small mirror on the floor might help to bounce some light up underneath the edge of the slide and allow for easier viewing.

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Hey Yarome,

I tried looking under the slide and there isn't even enough room to get my pinky finger in the opening. I even tried shining a flashlight to see if I could maybe seen screws or anything in the area, but nothing. I found a number for Gulf Stream and will try and call them tomorrow. From what I have seen on the different forums I don't hold out much hope for help from them.


Hi Kirk,

Thanks for the reply. I took a look at the manual you mentioned and it doesn't show the slide I have.

Most if the diagrams and manuals I have found most show a gear drive which is different than mine. Mine has a worm drive type screw right in the middle. The motor is against the back of the slide. The slide also has scissor type arms on each end.

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