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Honda 2000 generator econo vs full speed mode?


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I met a camper at the Canyon de Chelly campground who ran a Honda 2000 generator at full speed.

(His rig had an on board generator but he used his 2000 as an auxiliary unit.)

I asked him why he didn't run the genny on the economy mode which would save gas and run quieter.


His explanation was that they were charging cell phones and laptops in the camper.

According to him, the generator put out more juice and would charge batteries quicker when run at full speed.


I've found that higher amp rated plugin transformers charge cell phones quicker - but never considered generator speed.


Is he right?







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He's RIGHT in one regard, but WRONG in another. FWIW NOTHING Here's my theory why.


1) Sure, a Generator produces more energy if it turn faster OR the electromagnetic field strength is increased by passing more current through its Fields. Soooooooooo in that regards he's right in his own words that it produces more "juice" (I would refer it to as energy). Now if the load is increased by turning on say an AC a Generator must increase its RPM in order to produce the higher required energy and maintain 120 volts at x more amps current draw.


2) HOWEVER a relatively small load such as cell phone charger or a laptop is powered by the generators 120 VAC output and if at a lower RPM the Generator produces sufficient energy to maintain the 120 volt output NO MORE ENERGY IS REQUIRED and to me running the genny wide open will use more gas but NOT change the resistance and load of the chargers or computer OR THE CHARGE TIME OR RATE. The charger represents a certain resistance and associated current draw at 120 volts, and if the genny turns faster that doesn't change the 120 VAC output voltage or the load. The genny maintains 120 VAC and that doesn't change at low or higher RPM (within operating limits) nor do the charger or laptop require higher input voltages or does their resistance change .


NOTE I'm NOT talking about a frequency based governed fixed RPM old style genset which turns at X RPM to achieve 60 HZ output. I'm talkin (as I interpret the post) to mean a modern inverter style genset which can vary its RPM based upon the load yet still maintain 120 VAC output.


To my knowledge those small load power supplies and chargers do NOT charge faster or at a higher rate BASED ON SMALL INPUT VOLTAGE CHANGES (within parameters) IE if the voltage is say 115 or 125 their resistance or DC charging output doesn't change to any relevant degree SO AGAIN I DONT AGREE THEY WILL CHARGE FASTER IF THE GENNY RUNS FASTER. I dont see their DC output (which charges phones or laptops) drastically changing as RPM changes.


Nuff said,


John T

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His Honda is a direct current generator that uses an inverter to change the power to 120V-ac. As such, the operating it at excessively high speeds increases the heat of the generator and wear on the engine, needlessly. According to Honda, eco mode allows the generator to adjust the speed as demand changes, but is best not used when operating multiple heavy loads at the same time(whatever that means?). To me, it seems to make sense to operate in the eco mode.

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Why would anyone run a motor at full throttle if not needed?

My son had a lawn mower service and we had 2 Bobcat zero turn machines. He ran his at full throttle and I ran mine at 3/4 throttle. I even welded a tab on the throttle so anyone else using the machine could not go full throttle. At 3000 hours we had to rebuild his motor, we sold my machine with 4000 hours untouched and still running strong.


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We used a Honda 2000 with our 5th wheel. Ron always set it on economic mode. If I needed to turn on the micro wave the generator adjusted all on its own. Can't imagine running it at full speed

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