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Which LP valve adapter do I need


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I am installing a catalytic heater in my RV and the hose/regulator that came with the heater (top in pic) and the extend a stay valve (bottom in pic) do not match...


Is there an adapter I can get to link the two?.... I found this one on Amazon that might work but not sure?...




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^^^ Yes the threads on the right would fit the heater hose connector but I can't use that one because it will already be in use to pass thru to the existing regulator.... See here... My assumption is I need the use the

"Grill Tee" to connect the heater


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The system, connector and regulator, on top of the picture is designed to go from a tank (high pressure) to the heater (low pressure). If the regulator/connector is replaced with a line that connects directly to the low pressure system in the RV it would work.


if you know how to do that correctly, great, if not have a propane or RV shop do it for you. Normally a low pressure disconnect is used and that allows the heater to be put away during the warmer months.


There are several "how-tos" on the web showing how this is done.


on edit: This is one of the ways to do the mod. : http://www.loveyourrv.com/mr-heater-big-buddy-hooked-to-my-rvs-lp-gas/

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Thanks Mike... I agree and understand your concept but I don't want to make such a perm & expensive connection... I want to have the option of removing the heater hose/regulator and attaching a grill and gas fire pit too...


I have already bought these connectors - where I have them aligned in my pic is where they could in theory connect if I have the right adapter to fit them together ;-)

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yes. the end of the hose you picture is the end that goes to the bottle. on the valve, the top is the thread found on the 1 pound bottles. on the valve the one to the right is the thread found on 20 pound bottles. The one with a blue cap, i can't tell, but looks like the old internal thread on the 20 pound bottles. I am not sure this is the valve you need.

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If you installed the extend a stay , then you could easily and very inexpensively accomplish what Mike described .


From the yellow handled ball valve to the gas pipe is what you'd need , along with what ever hose to connect your heater .




Or , using what you already have , the black hand nut portion of the regulator would be replaced with a nipple that would screw into the thread adapter of the tank tee .

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