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A Swedish man’s brilliant solution for biking in the worst weather


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I'm seeing a lot of young folks getting into RVing and in my 40s and 50s the idea of a four wheel bicycle would have really not turned me on unless it looked like this. I can imagine getting one of those electric bicycles however. But then, everyone knows I love Electric rechargeable vehicles!


If nothing else it is a great project to admire.




"A Swedish man has built a recumbent bicycle with an outer shell that resembles a car, creating a pleasant riding experience during his country’s bitter winters.


While the popularity of bicycle commuting has grown globally due to factors such as climate change and urban gridlock, cycling in bad weather has remained unpleasant. Many bike commuters pick other modes of transportation during winter and on rainy days.


But Mikael Kjellman, a mechanical engineer, was determined to bicycle year-round to his job in Ostersund, where winter temperatures rarely get above freezing. He said he wanted an environmentally friendly way of getting around.


So Kjellman built the PodRide, which shields him from inclement weather with a windshield and canvas enclosure. There’s a heater

built into the electric bicycle, which is programmed to automatically warm his bicycle one hour before he leaves the office each evening.


The PodRide has a cute appearance, with large wheels."


See it here, neat body style: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/innovations/wp/2016/04/21/a-swedish-mans-brilliant-solution-for-biking-in-the-worst-weather/?wpmm=1&wpisrc=nl_innov

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I represent that statement! :D Pretty neat though huh? I am going to try to follow and see what they cost.


Yeah . Seems he did a decent job of designing it .

It might be a hit in Oregon . I hear they get a lot of rain there . :)


Here's a short video : https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/podride-a-practical-and-fun-bicycle-car#/

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It has an electric motor Chirakawa. This to me is the go to the store bike in place of a non protected two or three wheeler bike, and for getting around the Park easily. It does give the opportunity to pedal I think too for the workouts.

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Its not a bicycle. A bicycle by definition of its very own name can only have 2 wheels. If it has more than 2 wheels ( or less than 2 wheels) its not a bicycle.


This quadcycle is more like an automobile than a bicycle. It has a motor and a seat with a back as well as the heater. Its a flippin' car.

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