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Cruise to AK and rent a RV?


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We have been considering taking a cruise ship from WA state to AK, renting a small motorhome to tour AK and either flying back or a train. We dont really want to beat up our fifth wheel on the Canadian highway.

Any suggestions, personal experiences or recommendations are appreciated.


Karen&Jim Soltis

SKP 121271

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Well...I can't say that it's a definite that you'll beat up your RV. We had absolutely no damage to our 40' motorhome and towing the Jeep on our all-summer trip. You'll miss a lot by not driving, in our opinion. On the drive we saw RVs of all sizes including the 45' buses.


We did take the Alaskan Ferry from Bellingham, WA one other year. It makes a few stops along the way. It was nice traveling with the real Alaskans and talking to them. There was even a school football team traveling to another island for the weekly school game. We rented a very tiny room but would have been very satisfied just sleeping on the comfy lounge chairs they had on the decks.


We got off in Skagway where we had a motorhome pre-arranged waiting for us. We toured in it for 2 weeks and then drove to Anchorage where two other couples were flying in and renting, also. We turned in our rental and re-rented another because it was a cheaper price from Anchorage. We then toured with our friends for another 2 weeks. It was from Great Alaskan Holidays and none of the three couples had any issues with the rentals. We thought it was expensive to rent ten years ago. I'm sure it's a lot more now. We all flew back to Bellingham after a month.


That's when we decided our next trip was going to be by driving. It was and it was an awesome trip.

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We entered Canada straight north of Billings MT. Took Transcanadian Hiway west to Banff, Jasper, Ice Fields Prky, Dawson Creek,Toad River, Liard Hot Springs, Watson Lake, White Horse, Dawson City, and upon leaving Alaska Stewart-Hyder, You just don't want to miss all this stuff.

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We've made the trip to Alaska twice and the most damage we sustained was a rock chip in the windshield (which we've received in the lower 48, too). As long as you go slow enough for the conditions (frost heaves, construction), you really shouldn't have any damage to your fifth wheel.


I can't comment on taking a cruise since we've never done that. But, after seeing the big cruise ships coming into Skagway, everyone skittering off the ship to do their thing for a few hours before having to re-board, we don't have any desire to go on a cruise. If we were going to go to Alaska via the Inland Passage, we'd much prefer doing so via ferry and getting off at the many stops they make that can't be accessed by car, and spending a day or two.

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Here is a recent topic about Alaska cruises. Back in 1999 we flew to Juneau, took a one week wonderful small ship cruise and then flew to Anchorage and rented a small Class C for 11 days.


I do agree, as long as you have the time, spend 2 months or more and take a slow and more enjoyable trip through Canada to Alaska with your RV. Don't get in a rush and you won't beat up your RV. If you try to make 300-350 miles in a day, that has a tendency to damage your RV

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