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RV Park Recommendations near Miami or Homestead Florida

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We did a one-nighter at Southern Comfort on the way down to Key West. I don't think you'd want to stay two months. I know I wouldn't.


We spent a week at Southern Comfort this winter. I'll be the first to admit - I was wondering what we were getting ourselves into as we drove in. Tight spots (but no better/no worse than most private parks we stayed at in Florida in that regard), more mud than I cared for (it had rained a lot in the days before our arrival), more than a couple of "sketchy" looking seasonal camper rigs. However, I'm happy to report that our first impressions turned out to be wrong. By 7:30 am every morning there were folks powerwalking throughout the park, by 10 am the shuffleboard courts were in full swing, my wife enjoyed the daily water aerobics sessions in the pool ... and I didn't mind the short walk from the coach to the "in the park" Tiki Bar to join the fellas for a couple of cold beers in the late afternoons. While it certainly won't wow you based on it's appearances ... everybody we ran into while there made the park pretty nice. Many of the folks we met have been coming there for years.


The surrounding neighborhood seemed to have a few questionable spots ... but nothing any worse than most towns adjacent to a military base. It's as close to the Keys as you can get without actually being IN the Keys. It's less than 10 miles from the main gate to the Everglades National Park ... and about the same distance to the visitor center at Biscayne National Park. Plenty of nearby shopping.


The fact that it was the least expensive weekly rate we paid during our entire trip didn't hurt either. I'll be honest - the place sort of grew on us. If you're looking for an "RV resort" type place - Southern Comfort won't be the place for you. But, if you somebody who can be happy with an "earthy" campground - it might work well. Here's a link to a page on our website with pictures of Southern Comfort that I took during our stay.

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