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(FOUND LOCALLY)Looking for a Lippert 1621 Pin Box (Used or Cheap)

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We are in the process of removing the current pin box that someone converted to gooseneck and we are wanting to go back to a standard long style lippert 1621. Anyone have one laying around that they replaced with an upgraded pin box? Thanks. Jeremy

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I am replacing my Mor/Ryde RPB 72-770. This has a sliding pin to GREATLY reduce chucking. With the Mor/ryde modle number you can get the bolt pattern to see if it matches your existing pin bos. If this may work, feel free to contact me. E-mail will be best sent to yahoo account,  tiredwithjunk at yahoo. I hope you understand the email account.

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HI Jeremy

Google "Bontragers RV Salvage" all new stuff. There in White Pigeon, MI. They do ship and there open on Sunday but closed Saturday's.. I would suggest Googling them for there phone #, They don't have the best web site to shop. They have everything to build your own RV from trailer frames to nuts an bolts, you name it they have it.


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