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.. Looking for opinions about sit-on vs. sit-in.

The sit on top vs sit inside choice is mostly personal preference, factored by where you will paddle, what kind of water conditions, what kinds of weather, and whether you prioritize staying warm & dry vs jumping in and out of the water while paddling. Visiting a dealer or rental shop and trying out both types is the best approach. I was a white water kayaker for many years, so the sit inside seemed more natural for me. But in the tropics on mostly calm water where I like to combine paddling and snorkeling, a sit on top works best. I also wouldn't dismiss inflatables off hand. There are high quality inflatables available these days and for us mobile RV'ers that need to carry all our toys on board, the convenience of an inflatable is hard to beat.



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After a nearly a year of almost always camping near water of one sort or another - I decided to pick up a Kayak. Because so much of our traveling is done outside of the summer season - I opted for the "sit in" style in the hopes that I'll be more likely to use it if I can stay more or less dry. I know that I won't be using it as a ersatz swim platform. I was a little worried about the size of the cockpit opening - purely based on comfort and safety concerns (I'm not the thin and limber man I used to be!) Ultimately picked up a Old Town Vapor 10 XT - in part because its 10' length and 49 lb weight means I can easily manhandle it on/off the toad by myself - and in part because the cockpit opening is 19.5" x 49" (which was easily the largest I was able to find). The 275 lb - 325 lb max weight capacity is a good fit for me as well. I haven't had a chance to use it much yet ... but am looking forward to fixing that soon. I bought a single boat to start with - but am hoping that my DW will give it a try and enjoy it as well. I'm hoping to add another just like it as soon as she tells me she does. It would be nice (and probably even a little safer) to have company when on the water.

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