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How to post a photo?


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Can you post a photo without having a website?


When I click on the "Image" icon it asks for a URL. Is there a way to upload a photo from my computer?


I just posted a query about RV slides creeping out and wanted to show a picture to further explain.


Thank you.

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To post pictures on this board and most others , you need to first open an account on a photo hosting website such as Photobucket.
Once you sign up and have an account, you can upload your photos from your computer to the Photobucket account. When you get ready to upload, you can use the image processing software on your computer to size your photos to 640x480 pixels, or you can edit them using the tools provided by the hosting site. In any case, you'll want to ensure your photos are limited to 640x480 pixels. This size fits nicely on every board and is large enough for detail without getting grainy .
To post a photo in a thread , click on the picture in Photobucket . That picture will appear in a new window with several lines of code to the right . Double click the code with the IMG tag. Then paste it in the Reply box where you have been typing to post your words of wit and wisdom.

Hope this helps, or at least gets you started.

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I use imgur. There are plenty of image hosting options out there. I recommend you set up an account instead of just anonymous hosting so you can keep track of things more easily.


The bad - it's an extra step to upload the image to another site instead of just here


The good - all the images you post to this and other spots on the internet are in one location and easy to keep track of.

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