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J&K Truck Repair --- Crossville TN


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So this morning the plan was to take a ride over to Fitzgerald Trucks to take the tour as part of the ECR. Decided to take the 780 giving one of the prospects get a longer ride in a HDT to see how different a longer trip is vs his F450 on his back.


So we get about 20 miles down I40 when we hear a sound that at first sounds like I am loosing air pressure. But I am not loosing pressure, actually building pressure. The sounds diminishes to nothing. All gauges are normal. This happens as we are hitting the exit so we exit and I pull onto the shoulder. Can smell the faint smell of burnt/burning rubber. Open the hood and immediately notice the fan belt is cleanly broken in two.


Quick survey and and the alternator/water pump belt is fine. Just the fan belt. Don't have a replacement and the fan belt only works the fan. Since I am bobtail and it is fairly flat back to Crossville, no reason not to head back. Fan is only going to engage under load.


The exit before the campground is a Petrol. Figure there is most likely a truck repair place close by. Sure enough there are two shops. Pull in to the first one, J&K. Walking in the front door I can see a large, well stocked parts room. COOL! I ask if they have the belt, SCORE! $50. They ask if I want to just purchase the belt or if I want them to put it on too. Shop rate is $75/hr so I ask how long until they can get to it. I am told 2 minutes. DO IT!


Pull the truck in and we quickly discover that the broken belt is not the problem but the result of the idler pulley that is now frozen. New idler is around $250 plus another hour labor. Not in stock but NAPA does have it and it is on its way over.


1 1/2 hours after pulling in to the lot, truck fixed and ready to roll. $550 poorer but truck is repaired and all while I waited! And no busted knuckles for me .....


The prospect ridding with me could not believe it. Not only did I just pull in and they have 1 or the 2 needed parts but 90 minutes latter we are fixed and going. I explained that a driver who is working is willing to wait a few days for a dealership to get around to it and the driver only makes money if the wheels are turning. So quick turn arounds on OTR trucks is normal or the driver will move on to the next repair shop.


So if looking for truck repair in Crossville, TN I recommend


J&K Truck Repair, Inc.

109 Tabor Dr (Exit 320 - I40)

Crossville, TN 38555

(800) 328-5535


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X2 on J&K Truck Repair.


Had a no-power/low-power issue on Friday morning. Fuel Canister Filter had been changed just before leaving to come to the ECR. DAVCO was fine and was not changed. Worked on various items, including cleaning the turbo boost sensor, until about 1:00 pm where upon sent the DW out on a scrounging mission. Everybody was closed. Bristol roundy round weekend. Wound up staying until Monday morning. Went to the new World Wide Equipment company, the local Volvo PARTS dealer. The only employee there spent 30 minutes telling me they did not have any fuel filters that would fit my 2001 D12 Volvo engine.


Off to J&K Truck repair at a blazing 10-15 MPH. Got there, in the shop within 15 minutes, changed another filter (in stock), reprimed and reprimed and reprimed some more. Started and finally cleared. Made a high speed run down the highway, all good.


Not genius level work, and they don't have diagnostic software for volvos, but they listened to what had been done, started work quickly, resolved the issue, had the parts, and got me on my way. Price for two can filters and labor ...$116.


Located off X-320, behind the Shell station.



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Paul, You are the second one this week to have great work done in a very timely manner at J&K Truck Repair. Maybe we should tour them next year! Anyway just glad things worked out. Take care and see youall next year ar sooner. Pat



The Old Sailor

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Glad you all got going again, that is a good report Paul.

We often jump to conclusions about our truck problems, thinking the worst.

Compared to a LGT problem, you both got off cheap, especially in the time to repair dept.

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The idle pulley added another hour of shop time (1.5 hours of physical work but charged for 2). The parts prices are just spit ball prices as I did not have my actual receipt in front of me. Plus there are the ever popular shop materials line and I am sure there is some sales tax too. Sorry I do not have a photographic memory on the exact prices and totals when posting off the top of my head.


X2 on J&K Truck Repair.



Paul - Great to hear you received similar service and turn around. I feared the same problems you had in trying to find the parts and was ecstatic when parts and repairs could be handled from just my first stop. I was fearing a trip to either Nashville or Knoxville to get what I needed quickly.



Maybe we should tour them next year!



Not much to see basically like any other repair facility. Doubt the tour will take more than 5 minutes. But definitely good place to know about for anybody passing thru or needed repairs when at the ECR!

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