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t2000 air dump


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while driving I can hear all HDT's venting air overboard ever once in a while. Im assuming its venting any air build up above 150psi. I don't hear this noise on my truck even after long periods of idling. is this normal for the t2000? Thanks

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Not familiar with a 2005 T2000 and location of the air dryer. Find your air dryer and check your purge valve to see if it is clear or obstructions. Might also check your air governor and see if it's working correctly. Most trucks build up pressure to about 125 psi and that's when your hear the purge valve actuate and you hear the sound of air blowing off. The air governor then will allow the air pressure to drop to around 90 psi or so and let the pressure build back up until you hear the purge valve release again at around 125 psi. Some trucks will vary but this is the general way it works.

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Mine does but its a 2000 model year. What does your pressure get up too?

mine builds to around 100 to 125 psi. I'm about ready to take it to Kenworth to get a PM check. will ask them to check air system. Thanks for the responses. Ron

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I own a 2005 Kenworth t2000 and don't hear any air dump noises while traveling down the road. Does this model have a dump valve or does it have to be manually done?



Just so you know, when you used the term "air dump", most folks thought you were referring to what happens when you hit a "Dump" switch (if installed) and the air bags of your rear air suspension, deflate. Obviously, having that happen going down the road would not be a good thing.


The other two possible things that you could be referring to would be when you hear an air governor cycle when your air system reaches the set pressure.


OR, most likely, if you are talking about when you hear a truck make a loud short noise of escaping air, that is from an air dryer, as the prior posts mentioned. IF you have one installed, they usually are designed to blow enough air out of a small chamber in the dryer, to expel any moisture trapped by the dryer.


So, with all that said, the answer would depend on if and what type of air dryer/moisture trap, that your truck may have installed.

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