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Rear View Camera System

Kevin H

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You know the story: Best Laid Plans.

I bought a rear view camera system from TadiBrothers. Decided we don't need it so never installed it. It is still in the box from TadiBrothers. I include the TB SKUs if you want to check catalog for info.

The system (SKU 24465):

7" Monitor

120° CCD Camera

75' RCA Premium Cable (SKU 24266)

35' RCA Premium Cable (SKU 26031)

F to F RCA Coupler (SKU 5036698)

All boxed up and ready to ship.


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Looks good! However, your link shows that they have had a price reduction. You may want to make a price change?


I have never been able to resell something again for the price I paid. Maybe it is just my buying habits?


Safe Travels!


Good info Star Dreamers. I appreciate your observation. The price for the kit in the first SKU does not include cables. The two cables and connector are an additional 80 bucks. The $245 in the SKU is for the camera setup only. The other three links cover the cables which bring the cost new for the complete setup I am selling to $325.


So, considering a new price of $325 and this is unused and still in the box, I think $250 is a fair price. And of course, all prices are negotiable!


This discussion may have killed my ad but it is good fodder for conversation. I would like to hear other's opinions.

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