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What to know before using Windows 10’s new Linux system


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Yep, rudimentary as it may seem now, it is here now! Linux support in Windows 10. Not being an expert, I'll leave it to the writer.




"Curious about what the new Linux subsystem in Windows 10 can and can't do? Here's what we've learned about its first release


What sounded like an April Fools' joke turned out to be anything but: Core Linux tools, including the shell, are now available to run natively inside Windows 10 thanks to an official Microsoft project that translates Linux system calls.


Primordial as this project may be, it's promising. But here are four key points to keep in mind."


The article goes on to explain those points and more. With real screenshots of Bash on Ubuntu one Windows, all here:



This also just came in:

"Bash on Windows: Only the beginning of the Microsoft-Linux experiment"

here: http://www.infoworld.com/article/3049715/microsoft-windows/bash-on-windows-is-just-the-beginning-for-microsofts-linux-experiments.html?token=%23tk.IFWNLE_nlt_infoworld_open_source_2016-04-13&idg_eid=6aa01e18b29f7b6f9149f611f8eac228&utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=InfoWorld%20Linux%20Report%202016-04-13&utm_term=infoworld_open_source#tk.IFW_nlt_infoworld_open_source_2016-04-13

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