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Which is why the IShift is on the dash....so you have space to swivel the drivers seat :)

Good Point...I-Shift spacing may be one reason, I don't know (it looks like there is enough space). We had already selected the option for the "in-dash" I-Shift.....our discussion with the Engineer was more about the "Inward Swivel" & "Door Side" Armrest for both seats. There was opinion expressed concerning emergency exits from the Cab from the Engineer. Once he understood our thought process these options were approved.


However, one very important point that is true, if both seats are swiveled inward you won't be egressing the Cab easily because you have to slide the seat forward before you can complete a full swivel, blocks the door, and the Steering Wheel has to be also moved up & forward.


As a note: for those considering ordering a New Truck, there is a "USB Port outlet" option. I missed this option.

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