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2005 Volvo singling and yoke sizes


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Ok am I missing something on the yokes and I will try to explain it the best I can. I am getting ready to have my drive shaft made and in checking the 4 universals they are all the same part number and measure the same with a micrometer. the tube size from the front shaft is different from the intermediate shaft by about 1" so I cant use the input to the rear end on the front shaft. I pulled both yokes off and thought I could swap them but the inner diameter is different. the only difference I can see is the input on the rear end was deep angle and the front is not. ?? I dont want to do this twice

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It is fairly common for trailing arm tandems to have 45 degree yokes on the interaxle. In theory they will bolt to a regular yoke but I don't think I've tried it so I can't really say. A 39 spline SPL170 regular yoke is real common and should be easy to get pretty fast. What axle model?


SPL170 interaxle is also a different tube size than SPL170 main d/l so that is probably what you are seeing. But usually is only 1/2" less and 1" less would be the 4" tube 1710.

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