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Class A Motor Home Inspections


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Good day.


I am looking for 1 RV owner in Southeast Texas (preferably the Houston area) who would like a no cost, in-depth NRVIA Essential Plus inspection of their Motor Home.


Why am I offering this no-cost inspection?

I am becoming certified as an RV Inspector by the NRVIA - National RV Inspection Association. During the inspection, up to 352 line items are checked on a towable and up to 367 items are checked on motor home. As a part of the advance training I attended recently, we each inspected a towable RV. To complete my training, I must also perform an inspection of a motor home.


My family and I have been RV-ing for 20+ years. I know first hand some of the “opportunities” RV enthusiasts are challenged to resolve.


For a buyer, an in-depth RV inspection provides facts to make an informed “go/no-go” purchase decision. It greatly enhances the probability the buyer will have the kind of RV experience they were expecting / hoping for.


For a seller, an indepth RV inspection helps emphasize the value to the buyer and potentially minimize the sellers liability. For a current owner not looking to sell, the biggest benefit is piece of mind about the current condition of your RV,


NRVIA requirements are that I complete the motor home inspection by the end of this week, April 17. Would you be open to having a cup of coffee to meet me and to discuss what the inspection would entail? Did I mention that this will not cost you anything? I am also able to provide telephone numbers and names of people with NRVIA who can vouch for my quest to become a top-notch RV Inspector. Please call me at 832-493-3540.



Tim Lerchbacker






National RV Inspection Association - www.NRVIA.org



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Sorry, but not currently in the market to buy or sell. We do own a motorhome, but not in your area. Suggest you check with friends - any of their relatives or other friends own one that would allow you to do your inspection. I just thought it would be nice for you to get some type of reply or feedback. If we were in your area and everything was legit and checked out we would help with something like this . Hope you find someone.

Pat DeJong

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