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Furnace Update

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A few months ago I posted that my Atwood furnace in my Monaco Monarch seemed to be letting fumes into the coach. Following the responses, and with more research, I concluded that the problem might be a cracked combustion chamber. I couldn't take action immediately, but the coach was in storage and unused. Now for the followup.

I removed the furnace -- not a simple task. Like so much else, they seemed to have built the coach around the furnace! When I got the unit out, and tilted it on its side to inspect, an acorn dropped out of the exhaust port. A well-singed acorn. I removed the little grill from the exhaust, and more burned acorns came out. It was obvious what the fumes were: not from heating, but from roasting the acorns. The coach had been parked where there were oak trees and woodpeckers. The birds found a great storage spot in the furnace. I made an attachment for my shop vac to extract the remaining acorn pieces, reinstalled the furnace, and was treated to a warm coach with no fumes.

I am installing a finer mesh exhaust port screen, and adding a routine inspection to my to-do list. I might suggest that this be a logical addition to these furnaces.

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I'd still be curious how the fumes of the roasting acorns were getting inside the rig. Since they were in the combustion chamber, the smell should have been exhausted to the outside.

Good point. Make very sure that you have a working CO alarm.

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