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The Jensen combination radio/dvd player in our Cougar is very poor on radio reception. We bought the trailer used so I'm not sure on proper way to hook up antenna. I bought a short car antenna and plugged it in but it didnt seem to improve reception any. I didnt try mounting the antenna outside on top of the rig - would this make the difference? i get great reception on my truck (GM) radio and have contemplated buying a used one from a wrecker - trouble is the three speaker circuits in the trailer, although we dont use the bedroom speakers hardly at all. Anyone else having the same problem? Is there an easy fix I am missing?

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If you plugged the antenna directly into the back of the radio and mounted it standing straight up inside the RV you probably got about as good reception as you'd get from a roof mount. An aluminum framed RV will reduce the signal some but not a huge amount, wood framing has near zero impact. Not sure how short you are talking about for antenna length but if it is just under 3 feet tall it is probably a good size.


inexpensive but good quality: http://www.crutchfield.com/p_12044GM935/Replacement-AM-FM-Antenna.html


We went with a power/retractable antenna like the ones here on our last two RVs as they came with a short rubber-duckie one, the power unit removed any chance of us snapping it off and lowered the height of the RV by about 2 feet.


Several powered antennas: http://www.crutchfield.com/shopsearch/power_antenna.html


If it isn't an antenna issue the folks at Crutchfield.com have a good reputation for having adapters to connect their new gear to your existing connections. We have had several of the units they sell, both in the RVs and our trucks and been quite satisfied. We carefully shopped their specifications, and talked to their technical folks looking for a unit with good AM performance.

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They use the cheapest they can buy. The antanae may not even be hooked up on the other end. The antanae is usually mou ted to the outside of the slide of on the roof. If not and I were mounting one, it wound be on a bracket attached to the roof. Use 2M 5200 to mount the bracket and seal the hole.

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If you are planning to "upgrade" to a GM stereo like the one in your pickup be aware that a lot of "radios"(the part you see and touch) in newer trucks are just the controller/display, the actual stereo is an integrated part of the "computer" system for the truck and probably won't operate without the rest of the system.

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