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Sun Trust recommends RV inspection for loans


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Thought this article may be of interest here: http://rvdailyreport.com/industry/sun-trust-recommends-rv-inspection-for-loans/


I am sure the bank is wanting to look out for itself but it could help a potential buyer from buying a bad unit?


It may generate new businesses?


It could increase the cost of loans if the inspections were mandatory?

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Sounds like a conflict of interest. I am I the inspection business so I convince the bank that the rv needs to be inspected as a condition of the loan.

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“Sun Trust Bank has now started to recommend RV Inspection Connection to their clients to secure a professional inspection report to meet Sun Trust’s loan requirements,” Jaros explained.

They are not requiring an inspection, only recommending one. The move to require home inspections as part of a real property sale of a house came out of the consumer protection community, but that doesn't seem to be the case here.


HMRVI Corporation is a privately held, family corporation with husband/wife officers and it is a for profit company. The web leads me to think that they are probably part of NRVIA which comes out of the Workamper News organization and was created by owner Steve Anderson as a part of his efforts to expand the business. Some sort of certification of RV inspection services for used RVs is needed to help the consumer know what they are getting, but it remains to be seen if this is the best answer.


Many of us here recommend that used RV buyers get a professional inspection before they purchase one so this really isn't new, as long as it is a recommendation. I have no doubt that what they want is for all/most lenders to join in making a professional inspection a requirement to get financing. That could be a good thing in not only protecting the lender but also the consumer. But it is also true that an inspection does require additional expense in a purchase and the issue remains as to who pays the cost of inspection if the RV does not pass and receive financing?

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I know this is an older thread but just wanted to post that over $100,000. they do REQUIRE INSPECTION.


To apply for a SunTrust Motorhome Loan or RV Loan, you will need:

  • A copy of your W-2 form or pay stub, or recent tax returns if you’re self-employed
  • Copy of the sales contract or purchase order for the motorhome or RV
  • Vehicle inspections are required for all loan amounts of $100,000 or more

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