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An iCloud scam that may be worse than ransomware


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Read how to avoid this with several methods but all lead to stronger passwords and no duplicates.




"Ransomware – malicious software that encrypts your files and then demands payment to unlock them – has become a major scourge of the Windows world.


Mac users just had their first brush with such threats last week, with the appearance of the KeRanger ransomware. However, shortly before KeRanger, I encountered a ransomware event in the Mac world far worse than anything seen for Windows.


This hack seems to have turned an iMac into an expensive paperweight.


A woman named Ericka contacted me, telling me that her Mac was locked by ransomware. At first, I thought this might be one of countless web-based scams out there, pretending to be ransomware, but easy to get rid of.


However, there was an added wrinkle: Ericka said her computer was asking for a six-digit code, and that a Russian hacker was asking for payment in exchange for the code. This sounded like more than a simple scam pop-up.


From the screenshots she sent me, it soon became clear what had happened. The hacker had somehow gotten access to Ericka’s iCloud account.


Using this, he was able to remotely lock her computer using iCloud’s Find My Mac feature, with a ransom message displayed on the screen. (For some reason, the iPhone did not actually end up locked, but displayed the same message.)"


It did much more. Read the article, from my MalwareBytes emailed newsletter: https://blog.malwarebytes.org/mac/2016/03/an-icloud-scam-that-may-be-worse-than-ransomware/?utm_source=double-opt-in&utm_medium=email-internal-b2c&utm_campaign=EM-2ndMarch2016newsletter&utm_content=iCloud-ransomware

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I have said right from the start the "Cloud" is not a safe place to put your data in. all's it is, putting your data on someone else's hard drive. where you have NO control over how secure it is. Best to always put it on a thumb drive an keep it un connected to a pc. only connect it when your updating it.

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also seeing we on subject of emails.

one big thing to look for , emails that come from friends, family, an the email only contains a link (url). DO NOT click on that email. it has a php extention in it that writes to your address book sends your password to person who made it NOT the sender. an all your contacts will get that email an there password will be stolen.

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