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Question on Shaded Solar?


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I am still trying to plan my future 300 watt Solar for my Class C.

2 ea 100 watt on roof. 1 ea portable 100 watt.

What happens when I am parked in the shade and the 2 panels on the roof are 100% shaded?

Or partially shaded?

Will my portable 100 watt work OK in full sun?


The 100 watt portable, I plan to install on the sidewall of MH over the bathroom window where I can "hinge" to act like an Awning

or remove to make it portable.



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As long as you wire the panels in parallel shading will only impact the power output of the shaded panel(s) so you'd get full power from any in the sun.


I think most panels come with blocking diodes today but you'd want to make sure yours have them, they keep your working panels from wasting power through shaded panels.

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