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If yours is like ours, it has two switches for the cruise. One is an on / off button and the other is the set / resume switch. Also, you would think with the switch on it should work, but each time we turn on the truck, if the switch is still in the on position from last use, we have to turn switch off and then back on before the set cruise switch will work.


Also, the cruise is how we control the high idle for the truck. When leaving the truck idling for any more than a few minutes, you need to bump the rpms up as you will not get enough oil pressure otherwise. We also have to have the drivers door closed and hood closed for this feature to work.


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I thought mine was broken until I read a post on this forum about how the brake pedal return spring loses its' tension which causes the cruise to not activate. If I pull the pedal up with my foot, I find that my cruise control will turn on like it should... Just a thought...



EDIT: Also, I should note, that this information pertains to my Volvo...

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You can also have the set/resume function reversed at the dealer. I did this when I was having other parameters changed including disabling all of the auto shut downs.


Great advice, Ronbo, although the cruise control is an engine-specific function, not manufacturer specific, so his Detroit may or may not work the same as he's accustomed to in other vehicles.


After having driven various Chrysler and GM products for thirty-some years with the "Set" button reducing the set speed and the "Resume" button increasing it, I knew that the opposite Caterpillar defaults weren't going to work for me when I bought my T2000, and reversing it was one of several changes made during our (the truck and my) first visit to the "Cat house".

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