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1998 30RLBG Hitch Hiker ll

BG VanGo

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We are Escapee Newbies. This is our first time posting, and we hope that we are doing so correctly.

We currently have a 23’ Sprinter/Sportsmobile van. We have travelled 36,000 miles in our van over the past two years, comfortably living / traveling in the van for up to ten weeks at a time. We are considering going full time, and feel that we may need to transition to an RV that offers more living and storage space. Giving up the convenience of driving , parking/camping in our van makes considering larger units a bit of a challenge.

We have been reading postings on the Escapee Forum regarding pros and cons of various units, new vs old and what to look for when purchasing an older unit . We have looked at new and used RVs (motorhomes and Fifth Wheels) at RV shows and RV dealers. We have talked with RV owners of all sorts throughout the course of our travels. So many things to consider!

All of the above, said, we have the opportunity to purchase a 1998 30RLBG Hitchhiker II 5th wheel currently owned the last 3 years by our parents. Is it even advisable for us to consider a unit this old?

As far as we know, the unit has been well cared for and may not have many miles on it. It has been parked at a campground in Northern Wisconsin for the last 3 years. ( Parents have at least some of the ownership / maintenance history.) The asking price is in the $5000 range. We would need to buy a used truck. We recognize that the unit needs to be inspected and inspection should include :

  • wheels
  • tires
  • axles
  • suspension
  • slides
  • roof
  • signs of leakage
  • Any other specific suggestions you all might have for items to be inspected

We are also interested in your recommendations as to:

  • upgrades that we should consider so that the unit is road worthy for full time
  • suggestions (general to specific) as to who we should have look at the unit
  • any other high priority items to consider when we take the unit in for a check.

We live near Madison, Wisconsin. We would estimate that we would be driving 7,000 - 10,000 miles/yr on average over the next few years.

We are registered to attend the Vermont Escapade/Bootcamp in July.

Brad & Georgene

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