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comfort ride hitches


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Heavy duty

I have a 30k comfort ride hitch and love it. The hitch uses cellular air tech. Mine has 9 air cells that can be removed one at a time to adjust for a changing pin weight. The hitch is very well made from 5/16 steel and never needs greasing it is made completely in the U.S.

I do believe it's the best hitch I've ever used. You can contact Rick from thier website are on Facebook. I tried to attach a photo but the file was to big.



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I looked at it. It doesn't address chucking as far as i can see. Simply up and down motion. We have the ET and It is a fine hitch. Likely best there is.

Glen, I fully agree the ET is a great hitch. I have known Henry for over 15 years and he will only do it right! You are also right in that the ET hitch has only a vertical movement. With only the vertical movement the chucking you refer to is also mostly if not all eliminated.

Regarding the Comfort Ride Hitch, it too has only vertical movement and it too eliminates the chucking action. I feel both hitches are very good products. The decision is weight, cost, freight, ease of installation, etc.




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Another alternative is from Hitch Crafter. Been using those double pivot air ride hitches for over 8 years and extremely happy and no chucking. Been using them for everything from flatbed trailers, dump trailers, RV's, etc. I have loaded to max pull and pin weight many times, good solid setup. Very please and great company to work with, mine is outfitted with dampers to control some of the extra bounce from the airbags on the bad ranch roads we have.



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