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Access to Furnace on '89 Fleetwood Bounder

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I'm a new person here, but I can tell I'm going to be on this site often.


I recently bought a Fleetwood RV and I am loving it.


I'm trying to get all the gas appliances going.

So far I have the hot water working. Next I'm trying to get the furnace going.

I have a Suburban mercury thermostat. I try switching it on or off (who knows which is which?), but nothing happens.

I looked online for solutions, and I have a manual for it (says it's for NT-25K, NT-30K, or NT-35K).

There it gives instructions for operating a manual valve.

Only problem is Where do I access that valve?

I look outside and I see vent holes that say Suburban, but no access panel.

On the inside, there is some space under the closet where I believe the furnace is, but only a vent, and no apparent doors, or access holes.


Could someone throw me a bone? How to I access this manual valve?


Thanks in Advance!


Casey aka Harmono

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Welcome to the Escapee forums! We are happy to have you here and we will do all that we can to help and support you in your new RV experience.


Your Suburban furnace has no outside access at all if it is the one that I'm thinking you have. I had one just like it in our 87 Allegro.

I suspect that your exhaust tube looks something like this one. 41kKwnuh7nL._AA160_.jpg41CB8nU0DeL._AA160_.jpg

The picture is of what you have if you remove it from the sidewall, as must be done before you take it out of the RV. Those early Suburban furnaces were not serviceable in place. If you look inside, probably under come cabinets you will find something like this.The best thing to do is to remove it from the RV, but make sure that all propane is turned off before you remove it.


If you don't get enough good replies, you may want to try this again in the technical forum, but you may get what you need here. Feel free to post as often and where-ever you wish.

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Well, had so much trouble with my Suburban furnace. Started by Disconnecting the sink plumbing just to crawl in to see the thing.. After many frustrating days I finally remove the seat in front of the sink and cut away the panel. Then it was an east fix. Took longer building brackets to hold up the removed panel than the repair job. Broken wire from thermostat.


Hope you have an easier time.



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