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Seems to be on many folks bucket list. Oh, there's a bear, whale, buffalo, a mountain. Let's not forget the Tee shirt shops! There is much more than that, so if your planning to drive, here is a bit of trivia for your trip South or North.




What town in Alaska is named after a Vice President?

What did the soldiers that built the Highway call it?

How many streams were bridged on the construction on the highway?

How much of the original highway remains in the current one.

How many bridges remain.

How much did it cost. In current dollars will stun you.

In what year was highway opened to tourists.

What does Denali mean in the Native tongue.

What President RENAMED McKinley to Denali.


Yukon-British Columbia.


What did Carl Lindley start out of home sickness.


What did Mr Johnson purchase in 1928 have shipped several hundred miles North to the roadless wilderness by Yukon river. It's use 13 years later was incorporated in the Alaskan Highway. It's still there.


How many signs are at Watson Lake.


Enjoy your trip with a little history.



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