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Just got my first HDT!

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We just took possession of a tandem axle 2013 T660 with the 86" studio sleeper.


Truck specs are :


Paccar mx13 485 hp/1650 torque

18 speed manual double overdrive

3.55 rears with lockers

12k fronts and 40k rears

Front air suspension

244" wheelbase

22.5" tires


We are Hauling a 44' XLR Thunderbolt 21,000 lb


I got my class 1 license when I was 18, 28 years ago...after a couple of years as a long haul driver I went back to school and became a structural engineer and kept my CDL all this time planning to get an HDT RV. Took a while but better late than never!


We don't go to campsites at all we just camp on BLM land with the dirt bikers or kananaskis country near calgary area rockies.


When I drove commercial it was volvo 610's and freightliner FL120's mainly some internationals too


Never rode a truck with a front air ride so I was pleasantly surprised it rides as good or better even than my ram 1 ton dually on beat up gravel roads and with tires fully inflated for commercial loads to boot. The long wheelbase has lots to do with it I figure


This is going to be a lot of fun!


Looking forward to sharing and learning with you all


I'll post some pics over the weekend



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Very nice. From your first post, it appears your in the Calgary area? If so, good to have another HDTer in the area. I'm about :40 mins north of Calgary.

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