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Howdy everyone,

I'm pretty young and make a meager living on writing and other odd jobs. I live in a fifth wheel but I'm working on finding more work that pays higher to take on so that I can start moving around more often. That's the point of a mobile home, right? I found this link that has a few park hosting jobs etc. >>> http://www.coolworks.com/jobs-with-rv-spaces

My question is, do any of y'all have any other resources you can share with me for finding work on the road, traveling job listings, tricks of the trade, etc? I'm too young to retire, and I know that's how a good part of the RVing community is able to travel the way they are. But there's also a ton of nomads out there working from the comfort of their home on wheels and I'm hoping y'all can share your knowledge!

Cheers & Thanks in advance!


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There are several suggestions that I'll offer you which I believe you may find helpful. The first is to keep a close eye on the Workers Wanted forum of this website. Second is that if you choose to join the Escapee's RV Club, you will find that they operate a free jobs/workers wanted section but it is only available to members of the the RV club. One very quick and easy way to improve your economic welfare is to lower the cost of RV living and you can do a lot of that by becoming an RV volunteer, where you work as a volunteer for 2 or 3 days per week, doing things that you enjoy doing and in return you are given a free RV site and utilities. Those positions range from campground hosting for state and federal parks to a wide range of volunteer positions in wildlife refuges and historic sites as well as many other locations. This sort of life can work very nicely for one who writes for his money, as it means your only expense while not traveling is for food. One of the best places to start looking for such positions is the site Volunteer.Gov which hosts listings for federal agencies and even some state parks. You can also learn much more about this lifestyle by reading this page on our personal site as we have done many tours of this.


I would also suggest that you consider getting a subscription to the magazine Workamper News, which is the largest publication of advertising for those who seek RV folks for both paid positions and also for volunteers.

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I'll make one other suggestion. There's a group inside the Escapees organization that is aimed at younger fulltimers. Many of them are still working to support themselves and are likely to be able to give you guidance on ways to navigate through.



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