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Tucson Restaurants


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Here we go:


Best sandwiches in town: Beyond Bread, three locations, we like the one on Campbell. We go for lunch and take half of the sandwich home for dinner!


Fast food BK Tacos on S 12th Sonoran hot dogs, tacos, (carne asada is really good here), etc


For a nice dinner Cushing Street Bar & Grille


Upscale Mexican la Parrilla Suiza on Oracle, we just discovered this one and have only been there once but it was one of the best Mexican dinners I have had.


Regular Mexican restaurant Los Portales


Family owned, zero atmosphere, real Mexican food Perfecto's on S 12th St


Burgers & Beer: Nimbus or Barrio Brewing both off the beaten track with good burgers and good beer.


Taco Giro on N Grande South of Speedway is good casual Mexican, on the same street Mariscos Chihuahua for seafood.


Another off the beaten track is Cafe Roma for Italian


Early American Diner with great pie: Ajo Cafe breakfast and lunch Mon - Fri, Saturdays during February.


Breakfast or lunch downtown The Cup Cafe in the Hotel Congress.


Upscale downtown Cafe Poco Cosa very good, but trendy, we like Cushing Street better.


Or their smaller casula location Little Poca Cosa - the waitresses will tell you what you want.


Good steaks in iffy neighborhood (security guard in parking lot) Silver Saddle Steakhouse


Don't miss the Desert Museum

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Thanks for the tips, everyone!


We drove by Hotrods today. Thought it was a car restoration place! Will have to check that one out.


We also have driven by Marisco Chihuahua. Looked at the menu, and will be going there for sure.


Dennis M, you are keeping us busy with your list! :) I especially like the place where the waitress will tell us what we want to order. That makes things much easier! Bill, will definitely visit the sonora hot dog place, but not quite sure about the Ethiopian fare. Although may have to try that, as my parents lived in Ethiopia for a couple of years back in the 80's when they were still alive, and Mom had a lot of recipes from there that she enjoyed making.

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