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Slave cylinder rebuild


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The slave cylinder is damp with fluid on the outside so will remove it and take a look. Then take the master cylinder off and see what is happening with it also.

If nothing else, order new parts.

We do not need the truck for a few weeks so now is the time to look at it.



Safe Travels, Vern

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If the bore is bad it will be junk.

I have rebuilt a few during my life. But one never knows till it is looked at.


I rebuilt a 1970 Miller welder/generator awhile ago. Had new valves to put in, but the old valves just had to be lapped in. The bore was good, the rings just worn out.

Bought the welder in 1990, used it some, now it is my generator.


Time will tell, Vern

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Last fall on our way south I purchased the line from the master cylinder to the slave cylinder from a Volvo dealer. As the old one was not looking very good.

So now with the slave cylinder off and upon looking inside it looks fairly good shape. With searching on the net I find NAPA part number UP 195 will fit the bore, has two cups and with a price of $7.39, what the heck.

Now to take the master cylinder apart. It looks good and was not leaking. Cups list for $2.39 apiece,why not.

Now to put it together?

Hone the slave cylinder and put it together,

Get the new line out and notice the master cylinder end has a O ring on it.

The old one has a nut on the end?...?

Call three Volvo dealers with the vin and all say I have the correct line?


Line is Volvo part number 20557327


After some thought about what to do----- buy a new master cylinder and will have the fitting I need.

Call Volvo dealer, they pull a new master cylinder out of the box and no fitting.

Volvo does not have a listing for the adapter for the new hose. Called three different dealers , same story, correct part?..?


The dealer that I purchased the line from called Volvo Friday afternoon but did not get a call back Friday evening. So they may call Monday am.


Finally find a transmission fluid line adapter the can be made to fit the end with an O ring? At napa for a few bucks.

Now the adapter goes to pipe thread.


So with the master cylinder apart the new cups do not fit so polish the bore and reassemble, yea maybe should not of polished it and put old cups in.

But I did measure there size for future need.


Install the line to about where it will be when done. Attach the slave cylinder to the line and let it hang down so it will bleed all the air out. As Volvo instructions.

Install the master cylinder in place, remove the odd adapter from the bottom end of master cylinder and try to screw in the 1/4" pipe adapter.


Upon close inspection of the old hose adapter, It is a hydraulic fitting thread. Not pipe thread.


Visit another Volvo of same vintage and it has the same hydraulic fitting.


On a side note the local NAPa dealer makes hydraulic hoses but does not have fittings to match Volvo stuff.


Parker hydraulic has the fitting, I need so will call them tomorrow.


Mite be beer time



Safe. Travels, Vern

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A few weeks ago I replaced the 5/8" hose from the windshield washer fill tank to the big reservoir behind the batteries. Finally bought some fluid to test the new hose for leaks.

As I was putting the antifreeze in for the windshield washer I noticed there was no fluid in the reservoir for the clutch.

Upon looking for where it went , the dust boot on the slave cylinder was wet.

The slave cylinder had no pits as there often is. So honed it out and installed the new cup. Everything else looked good.

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After several attempts at getting info from different Volvo dealers with no success at the correct parts. I finally tried a vin number from a older truck and it looks like it shows the correct hose. The truck that I got the number from has the same hose end on it as mine.

The dealer will call when he has it to look at and call me to see if it is correct.


What apita


Glade I did not need it now.



Safe Travels, Vern

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  • 2 weeks later...

I finally had time to put things back together with a NAPA seal and the proper line.


It still has not lost fluid since yesterday, but it will be a few days till I can drive it.


NAPA wheel cylinder repair kit UP 195 fit, has two cups and cost $7.39. This fit the slave cylinder.


The proper Volvo line part number 8076327 fit. It has a nut on both ends to fit the ends.


The part number for the vin number on our truck has a quick disconnect end on it. I used the vin of another truck that has the same hose as ours and it fit.


There were several phones calls involved to figure it out.


I did not rebuild the master cylinder yet. I did hone it out but did not find the proper cups to fit. With the proper dimensions I will search for them and do the rebuild later when time is available.



Safe Travels, Vern

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