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Pressure Pro tire monitoring system

John Laninga

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I have the original Pressure Pro tire monitoring system, which includes one control head, and 12 tire sensors (8 for my motor home, 4 for my toad). The system is about 6 years old, and the remote sensors are starting to fail because the batteries are dying. But the control head works just fine. So I have the control head, the power cable (for hard wiring), and 12 dying sensors. New replacement sensors are about $35 each. More details http://advantagepressurepro.com/index.asp?PageTypeId=3#PressurePro16WheelTPMSMonitor


So this is a cheap way to get into a TPMS system... sell the whole enchilada for $75 and that includes shipping. You may be able to salvage some of the sensors for a short time.


== John

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